WPX Hosting Reviews: Is This The WordPress Hosting For 2022?

wpx hosting reviews

Are you starting a new WordPress website for yourself or your business? 

And you are surfing different web hosting service providers and still confused? 

You’ve come to a perfect place. Here, I will be talking about WPX Hosting, one of the fastest WordPress hosting service provider. 

WPX itself claims it is twice as much fast WordPress host compared to any other web host service provider in 2019. Quick loading time is very important in this competitive world to give you the best of what you can get and WPX is here to do the exact same. 

WPX hosting is one of the web hosting service provider for WordPress. It offers premium managed WordPress hosting for great value and with a great price point. WPX started back in 2013 by Terry Kyle, who has been working in online business for a long time. Terry Kyle built this web hosting service as a solution because of his own frustrating experience with almost all web hosts.

I prefer WPX Hosting for all WordPress sites as it provides great performance with the fastest loading speed. Loading speed is very necessary to increase your business online. If your website does not load as fast as others, it may fail to show in search engine and people tend to visit your website less as well.

Why do I like WPX Hosting?

I’ve been using WPX Hosting for my WordPress sites and I’ve been loving it. You don’t run into issues quite often and even if you do, the highly qualified team in WPX will solve the issues in a few minutes. Some points that I can write down about WPX and why it has been my favorite are:

  • Fastest
  • Had Best Support
  • Super affordable

They have really fast services and that is the key point that attracted me towards them. They are fast to load:

  • Image heavy sites
  • Heavy Plugin sites
  • A website undergoing a Stress test 
  • A website with high load

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Key Features

Fast Loading Time

This is the key feature that separates WPX from any other web host. The speed of WPX Hosting was testes using best-selling Avanda and the results of our WPX web hosting speed is:

  • Budget shared host load time: 3.60 seconds
  • WPX hosting loading time: 1.97 seconds

24/7 Customer Support

WPX has the best and highly qualified team that responds to your customer requests as soon as possible. They take hardly 10 mins to respond to their customer and fix the issue that had been arrived. You might not run into an issue at all, but even if you do run, they are quick to fix.

Free CDN

CDN or Content Delivery Network is a small server placed nearby your customers. Although you are hosted by a specific datacenter, having a small center nearby would load your website faster to your customers. 

WPX Cloud

WPX hosts its own CDN or Content Delivery Network. Instead of depending upon other CDNs, it controls its CDN itself but testing and tweaking. WPX cloud offers different features:

  • Handles high-traffic
  • Mini-servers loads websites faster
  • Helps to increase the site’s security

Free SSL

WPX Hosting provides free SSL certificates. SSL certificate is a must-have in websites these days. It helps with security. It does not stop malware attack or anything but it does secure the interception of data between the visitor’s computers and other websites.

Free Migration

WPX hosting offers you free migration from any other hosting service. If you already have a WordPress website and have been thinking of migrating it to a faster web hosting service, then WPX is the place to visit. The free migration is done 24 hours a day as well.

Free Daily Backups

Another awesome feature of WPX Hosting is its free daily backups. It backups your website daily. Also, for security purposes, they store the backup in a separate server. The backup is stored for 14 days and then removed. It takes no charge for backing up your website and also the retrieval of the website is for free.

Free Malware Scannings and DDoS protection

Some web hosting service providers send their client WordPress plugin to work as their security and they expect their customers to pay extra for security. However, WPX hosting provides free scanning of your website daily.

They also provide free enterprise-level DDoS protection to all WPX Hosting customers. It uses Incapsula, a leading DDoS security provider.

Staging Area

A staging area is a place where you can test the changes you have decided to bring on your website but you are not sure enough. You can test the changes at the staging area and WPX allows you to merge your staging area with your website. 

Email Service

Each WPX Hosting plan provides you with an email. You can use your website domain name to send and receive emails, which is provided to you free of cost by WPX Hosting service provider.


WPX provides a client dashboard to you after you have signed up for any of its plans. Using the dashboard, you can view your account information, contact details and any ticket that you have purchased and many more. 


Along with all the features stated above, you can also get access your server via FTP and SSTP. FTP can also be used to upload and download files to your server spaces.


WPX is really straightforward with their hosting plans and pricing.

There are only 3 plans you can choose from, each equipped with different features as per the amount you pay. WPX Hosting is one of the most affordable hosting services available, but do not be fooled by their low price as paying higher does not always mean getting faster loading speed. 

The price change is because of the number of sites you can host, the storage space that is given to you and the amount of bandwidth you can use.

The three plans provided to you by WPX Hosting are:


It is the entry-level plan. You can host up to 5 websites, 10GB storage and 100GB bandwidth are provided to you. It costs you $18.75 per month, which is quite impressive. 


It costs you slightly more as this plan offers more features than the entry-level plan. You can host up to 15 websites, 20GB storage space and you can use 200GB bandwidth with cost $37.43 per month.


It is the most expensive hosting plan of WPX that offers you to host 35 websites with 40GB storage space and unlimited bandwidth. This extremely impressive feature is provided to you at just $75.00 per month.

Final Words

Would I recommend you to choose WPX Hosting? Of course. WPX is one of the fastest managed WordPress hosting service provider among all other providers. 


It has always been the best for me and I have loved this ever since I started hosting my WordPress sites using WPX Hosting. 

If you want the fastest service provider for your WordPress website at an affordable price, then you have to give WPX a try. And trust me, you won’t regret a second of using it also because of its impressive customer service.

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