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Did you dive into WordPress because of the hype and have been worried ever since about how to manage your online business?

WordPress is undoubtedly the most used and most appreciated Content Management System(CMS) worldwide. And I sure understand your urge to log in to WordPress and make a WordPress website to host your business online.

However, managing a WordPress website is a tough job and most of the website owners are not qualified enough to manage a website. Even if some of the website owners are qualified, the work that takes to manage a website is tremendous. Hence, WP Engine offers you the managed WordPress Hosting service at quite a low price for your WordPress websites. 

What is WP Engine?

WP Engine is a web hosting company that provides managed WordPress Hosting to its customers. Although it is not the first to start the Managed WordPress Hosting, it sure is the Editor’s Choice if you take a close look at all the features it provides. It was founded back in 2010 by Jason Cohen, which makes it relatively new to the hosting world. It has been hosting over 500,000 customers in around 140 countries worldwide.

As per the data found online, nearly 23% of the internet is powered by WordPress and to host such many WordPress sites, WP Engine and many other web hosts that focus mostly on WordPress websites are required. 

WP is the first Managed WordPress hosting company that has been working with Google Cloud Platform’s newest infrastructure, the Compute-Optimized Virtual Machine(VM)(C2). WP Engine is a managed WordPress hosting service that is designed specifically for WordPress installations, themes, and plug-ins.

What is Managed WordPress Hosting?

Due to the increment of the WordPress website, most of the web hosting companies have been working on providing the hosting facility dedicated to the WordPress host only. This type of hosting is known as the Managed WordPress Hosting. 

Managed WordPress hosting deals with all the management of a WordPress website so that you can focus on growing your online business solely and not worry about how to keep up with all the changes that an online world will go through. This has made the hosting of WordPress websites extremely easy as all your website activities are handled by a WordPress expert rather than anyone who could read a manual. 

Why WP Engine?

WP Engine has been offering extraordinary service to its customers working in an online platform using WordPress. There are various reasons why WP Engine is considered to be the best among all the other WordPress hosts and the key features of WP Engine are described below:


WP Engine is mostly used in the E-commerce industry as the e-commerce industry is increasing rapidly and with all the features it should satisfy, you should have different plug-ins for e-commerce tools. WP Engine works closely with WooCommerce, Shopify, etc that works for WordPress site working in the e-commerce industry. As per the service used, different plug-ins do cost you a certain amount. 

Loading Speed

WP Engine is known to have Blazing fast Server speeds and loading speeds. I hope I do not have to tell you about the importance of high loading speeds. No matter how large your website is and how much data it has to fetch from the server, WP Engine is going to load your website in no time. As we all know, even millisecond is worth it. 

Security Features

Working in the online business is quite difficult as you may be skeptical about how to keep your website safe from all the threats online. You need not worry about it if you are associated with WP Engine as it takes care of half of the security threats itself. Their website looks after all suspicious and malicious threats online and blocks them. It also provides its customers with a free SSL(Secure Socket Layer) Certificate. 


Uptime is also one of the most important aspects of a web hosting business. Uptime is the amount of time your website should be online and yes, I do know what every customer wants is their website to be online most of the time. And hence, WP Engine offers its customers with an uptime of 99.95% with a guarantee and 99.99% to those with enhanced SLA. 

Site Migration

Site Migration gives you a headache if you are not working closely with the hosting company, while some companies do not even care to make the work easier for their customers. However, WP Engine is here to make its customers happy and make their work easy. They offer their customers with free single site migration and it is much easier with the help of their customer support team.

Customer Support

Most website owners do not understand the importance of a great support team until and unless they start to face the problem themselves. WP Engine is equipped with a highly qualified customer support team who are not just someone that will read the manuals, but are the experts working in the field of WordPress. Their support is magnificent with multiple channels like live chat, phone calls, emails, social networking sites, etc.

Money-Back Guarantee

WP Engine has been offering its customers a whooping 60 days money-back guarantee. As I always mention that 30 days is enough to know if any website is working for you or not and similarly 60 is a large number of days for working on a particular web hosting company. You can get a refund as easily as waking up in the morning.

Automatic Backups

WP Engine offers its customers with automatic backups which is very essential. Just in case something does happen to your website and if it does hamper the web business you have been putting up to, WP Engine is right there to help you out. The automatic backups are stored in the server for about 14 days and are removed as it does take up a lot of space.

Automatic Updates

If new updates are available in your website, the WP Engine automatically updates your website to the update available. It also patches your website to the WordPress core, and hence you need not worry about the vulnerabilities.


Staging area is an area that is used to create the updates and is also used to make different versions of your website to test out how your website should look before committing to it. WP Engine offers its customers to create 3 free versions of your website which is really helpful if you are a beginner and you can not commit to anyone of them.

Free CDN

CDN or Content Delivery Network is a geographically distributed network for your data centers and proxy servers. WP Engine provides its customers with free Content Delivery Network.

Genesis Framework and 35+ themes

WP Engine plans

As we already know, WP Engine focuses solely on hosting WordPress websites only, however, it does provide its customers with different plans for WP Engine. There are various WordPress plans that a WP Engine offers and they are:


This plan is for a beginner and it focuses on starting up with a new website or a blog. You can use this plan if it is your first website and the traffic on your website is relatively low. It will cost you about $29.17 per month. 


This is plan is for the website owners who have been in an online business quite longer than the starter but still have quite a few traffic only. It is basically for the business that is growing. It will cost you about $95.83 per month. 


Now, we are entering in a bit complex faculty of WordPress hosting. The scale plan provides its customers with higher capacity and site limits. You should subscribe to this plan if you want to scale your experience. It will cost you $241.67 per month.


The Custom is the most expensive one among the bunch and is used for the large businesses and mission-critical sites. You can customize the server as per your requirements. The dedicated environment it offers with Custom plan delivers high-performance and faster customer response. It will cost you pretty high bucks as per your requirements. 

Final Verdict

I would not need to tell how WordPress has grown its user base and how many sites are developed using WordPress. If you are one of the website owner that has used WordPress platform for your online business and are still not sure if you should subscribe to Shared Hosting or Managed WordPress Hosting, I have already mentioned why Managed WordPress Hosting is favorable for WordPress websites. I have also mentioned different reasons why WP Engine is the most used WordPress hosting service provider among the pools of other service providers. WP Engine offers its customers with amazing performance, and lightning-fast speed. If you are a WordPress user and want a web host to grow your online business then you can login into WP Engine to taste what it is like to trust a web host and receive service as your requirements.

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