WordPress Categories & Tags: Index or No Index for SEO?

Recently one of our readers asked if indexing WordPress Categories & Tags are good for SEO or not?

This is a good question. It is very important to understand this.

Lets us discuss more on this topic.

What are WordPress Categories and Tags?

Categories and Tags are the ways to separate the content(posts) on a website built with WordPress. Simply, categories are general labeling of the posts and tags are describing posts in further detail.

wordpress categories
WordPress Categories
wordpress tags
WordPress Tags

Crawling similar content is bad for SEO. The WordPress Categories and Tags contain similar content of posts. So, in my point of view, indexing these pages is bad for SEO.

But, it depends. If your categories and tags have a lot of content, you can rank them in Search Engine results.

If you are ranking the categories and tags, you should clearly define the titles, meta, and a quality article.

I am recommending you to disallow search engines to index category and tags because most of the time category or tags URL started ranking in SERP result instead of ranking the posts URL. Due to this it automatically create the internal competition in crawling the website.

So I personally recommended N0-Index Category & tag pages to prevent any SEO-related penalties.

Advantages of No-Indexing WordPress Categories & Tags?

As these URLs and posts URLs contain the same content, the duplicate content problem will arise. And with avoiding these URLs, duplicate content problems will be solved.

Most of the time these URLs rank in the SERP result instead of the main content pages (Post URL).

The websites look great in the SERP result after disallowing these URLs.

SERP results of Inspiringworm.com
SERP results of Inspiringworm.com

How to No-Index using robots.txt

noindex with robots txt

You can easily set No-Index to Categories and Tags pages of your WordPress website. You can perform the action to the robots.txt pages.

You can disallow the URLs by simply add the below lines in robots.txt.

Disallow: /category/
Disallow: /tags/

That’s all.

Thank you for reading. See you in next blog 🙂

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