What is Tor and how to use it?

what is tor

If you’ve just learned about privacy and security on the Internet, you may not have heard of Tor.

It is an internet connected software, which had its own internet browser. Torre has created an image of reliable encryption and a good piece of software to protect users from Internet tracking.

What is Tor?

In the mid-1990’s, the US Navy was looking for a secure way to communicate its sensitive information. At that time, in the naval research lab, a mathematician and two computer scientists developed a technique called ‘onion routing’.

It was a new technology that protected Internet traffic at various levels of privacy. After 2003, the onion routing project was renamed Tor.

By then, it had reached the general public. Its user network was also extensive.

Today, thousands of volunteers around the world are connecting their computers to the Internet to become a ‘node’ and ‘relay’ of your Internet traffic.

Basically, Tor is an internet connected network, which has its own internet browser. Once connected to the Internet using the Tor Browser, you enter the Tor network.

Your Internet traffic then separates from the first layer of identifying tor information. Then the internet traffic bounces from the relay nodes. In this way, your data is encrypted and secreted layer by layer like an onion.

Eventually your traffic hits the exit nodes and you leave the Tor network to access the open web. When you log in to the Tor network, no one can track your Internet activity.

And when you exit the Tor network through an exit node, you don’t know from which corner of the world you are visiting the website. It also gives you extra privacy and security.

How to use Tor?

Tor is easy to use in simple web browsing. Go to the official site and download Tor Browser. Then follow the instructions given for installation.

When you first open the Tor, it connects easily. But if you live in a country where Tor is banned, it prompts you to configure your connection.

Tor is as easy to use as any other normal browser. You can also review your browser security settings from it. If you still want more security, leave the setting in the default selection.

If your Tor browser is slower than usual, you can make it faster by checking the quicker connection path to the website you want to visit.

You can see the three-line menu icon in the top right corner of the Tor Browser. There select New Tor Circuit for this site.

Even in the privacy-focused Brave browser, there is an option to route traffic from the Tor when it is inside the private window.

Does Tor also have negative effects?

Tor is a network run by volunteers. This can lead to speed complaints. As your traffic moves from one node to another, a lot of speed loss can occur

You may feel a drop, especially when watching video streaming platforms such as Netflix, voice over IP phone calls, or making video calls in the Zoom app. In fact, Tor is not a technology designed for audio or video experience.

Your privacy may be compromised when tormenting files from Tor. Due to this type of risk, by default plug-ins are disabled in Tor’s privacy settings.

If you want to surf the internet and are a regular user, Tor is not an option for you. It slows down your speed and may not be suitable as it has a lot of media embedded in it.

But if you are very serious about privacy and security and are searching the internet for any specific subject, but you do not have a VPN, this may be a good option for you.

Can Tor work on VPN?

Configuring collaboration between Tor and VPN connections can be awkward at times. If both cannot be set together, neither Tor nor VPN can protect your privacy.

Therefore, it is important to know these two softwares well before using them. But if you can combine the two, it will be very useful and effective.

Tor protects your internet traffic so you can encrypt the internet traffic of every app used in the background of your device via VPN.

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