Web Hosting Pad Review

I can understand when you are just starting up many extra features might not even make up to your requirements. 

However, affordability may be the first thing you have to look after. 

If the price is a major concern, then Web Hosting Pad might just be enough for you. Web Hosting Pad is renowned for its low prices and what you get at that price. 

But is it all that Web Hosting Pad is about? Is Web Hosting Pad is just affordable with no features at all? 

Hold on to this article as I’ll be digging deep in one of the web hosting company among the pool of hundreds so that you won’t have to worry about what you are getting yourself and your online business into. 

What is Web Hosting Pad?

Web Hosting Pad is one of the widely known web hosting company that was launched in 2005 by a small group of individuals. They have been working to provide web hosting plans that can be used by all businesses, from small to large. 

However, if you look at their hosting plans, you’ll find out that the major focus of Web Hosting Pad seems to be on small to medium-sized businesses. 

Over the decade, Web Hosting Pad has been so popular among online businesses and website owners that the number of customers it gained has become 300,000. And it seems to be increasing every now and then. 

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Why Web Hosting Pad?

The major advantage of Web Hosting Pad is its price point. You can not look through that as if you start comparing the price range of other web hosting companies to this, you will know the difference. Some of the major or key features of Web Hosting Pad are as follows:


Uptime is the amount of time the server is hosting your website. The only time server is not available is when the server is halted for maintenance. Web Hosting Pad provides an impressive uptime of about 99.95%, that is, your website is online and hosted by the server 99.95 times out of 100.

If you are a beginner you might not even focus on how important uptime is to make your online success. But once you start getting traffic even a few seconds of downtime will start to affect your business. 

Customer Support

Customer satisfaction is key to making your business grow in the market. Web Hosting Pad has been offering great customer support from live chats, phone support, email, and social media platform. On top of all these services, Web Hosting Pad also has a bunch of knowledge bases you could check if you get any problems. You can also issue a token to get connected by experts on the Web Hosting Pad customer support team. 

Unlimited features

One of the features most people look at when they are talking about Web Hosting Pad is its unlimited features. Web Hosting Pad is known to provide various unlimited features to its customers. The most useful would be unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth as well. On top of those unlimited meters, you also get a few free domains, unlimited MySQL databases, FTP accounts, email facilities, etc.


One of the most used control panel tools in web hosting companies is cPanel. Web Hosting Pad uses cPanel as its control panel. cPanel is known for providing a user-friendly control panel that is equipped with backup and restore tools. You can manage your website, applications that are integrated into your website, and many other exciting things.

Super Cheap

You can not at all get over with how cheap Web Hosting Pad is. Being cheap and affordable makes Web Hosting Pad one of the most affordable and it claims to be affordable just to support small and medium businesses.

If you are looking for cutting up some pennies in this business, you do also have to let go of some features. Affordability does come with compromises in some aspect of online business. However, Web Hosting Pad is the cheapest web hosting company you will come across.

Money-back guarantee

Just like any other web hosting company Web Hosting Pas offers a money-back guarantee to its customers for all of its plans. For Shared and WordPress plan, Web Hosting Pad offers a classic 30 days money-back guarantee just like every other web host. But, for their VPS hosting Web Hosting Pad only offers 3 days money-back guarantee.

Security Enhancements

The most amazing aspect you could admire of Web Hosting Pad is that, even though it is super cheap, it does not compromise in the security of its customer’s online business. Even the cheapest plan in the cheapest web hosting company is equipped with security mechanisms. Web Hosting Pad provides Automated Malware Scanner and Malware Quarantine in almost all of its web hosting plans. 

Multiple Domains

As I have already mentioned above, one of the amazing unlimited features Web Hosting Pad provides is multiple domain names for free. This could be a very useful added feature. You can host multiple websites at once using this feature. 

Site Builder

Web Hosting Pad is equipped with its own website builder, that is, Weebly. Weebly is an extremely easy website builder and even a rookie with just a few knowledge can use this to build their website using drag and drop. After creating a Weebly website, you can power it using Web Hosting Pad.

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Web Hosting Pad plans

With those affordable prices, sometimes you need to give up something. In this case, Web Hosting Pad offers only Shared, WordPress and VPS hosting plans. However, these plans are sufficient for small or medium businesses that do not need extra working servers to host their website. The hosting plans that Web Hosting Pad offers with their sub-plans and price points are as follows:

Shared Hosting 

Shared Hosting is one of the simplest hosting plans that any web hosting company offers. It is best suited to host websites that are just starting up in the online world and do not have significantly high traffic. In this type of web hosting, a physical server is shared by multiple customers by creating a virtual machine on top of that physical server. That is why the Shared Hosting plan is extremely affordable. 

Web Hosting Pad offers 3 different Shared Hosting plans and they are Power Plan, Power Plan Plus, and Power Plan mini for $1.99, $4.99, and $3 per month respectively. 

WordPress Hosting

WordPress Hosting is a hosting plan where only the WordPress websites are hosted. This plan is equipped with WordPress experts that work on making your experience with WordPress and web hosting easy. Web Hosting Pad offers three different WordPress hosting sub-plans and they are WP Basic, WP Pro, and WP Premium at $4.99, $5,99, and $7.99 per month respectively. 

VPS Hosting

VPS or Virtual Private Server is one of the more complex types of web hosting than what we have discussed above.

If your website is experiencing high traffic then you might want to switch to a hosting plan which provides you a whole virtual server to host your website. VPS is an amazing alternative for dedicated hosting if you are still not sure about dedicated servers.

Web Hosting Pad offers six different VPS hosting plans and they are Beginner, Pro, Premium, Super, Ultra, and Managed for $29.95, $34.95, $49.95, $59.95, $79.95, and $99.95 per month respectively.

Along with these three major plans, another exciting and added feature that Web Hosting Pad offers its customers is its email hosting plan, which is described below:

Email-Only Hosting

This hosting plan offers you personal as well as a professional email address as per your needs. As email is an important factor in the web hosting business, you might want to use an email from the domain name of your website.

Web Hosting Pad uses PadMail to provide email facilities to its customers. PadMail is fast, secure, and reliable as per the claim made by Web Hosting Pad itself. 

Web Hosting Pad provides two different Email-Only Hosting and they are PadMail and PadMail Plus for $40 and $50 per year respectively. 

Final Verdict

Would I recommend Web Hosting Pad? 

Yes, if the price is a major concern and you are just starting off with your online business, then you can absolutely use Web Hosting Pad. 

But, however, if your website starts getting huge traffic Web Hosting Pad might not be quite suitable for you because of the lack of more complex web hosting plans. 

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