How to Start a Blog: The Definitive Guide

Are you interested in Blogging?

Are you thinking a making blog of your own?

Then, this article is really going to help you to make a blog of your own and make it as a source of income.

What is Blogging?

Blogging is a platform where you can share your ideas, thoughts or any other related topic.

How to Start a Blog

It can be used as an informative website which can be targeted to both private and public access.

To make a more informative blog you can add images, videos, gifs, etc by which you can attract more readers and engage them to read your full blog.

If your blog contains text document it is monotonous for the user to read the whole blog.

So adding more contents like images, videos, gifs, etc. will be more useful for both readers and bloggers as well.

What are the things you need to start up a blog?

There are many things you need to consider or keep in mind. So I am listing out and explain them manually.

Choose a topic

It is the very first thing you need to create your blog. You should choose the topic carefully.


Because the blog contains all the articles related to that topic and revolves around the whole topic.

You need to gather all the information and study the whole topic. You need to cover all most all related things about that topic.

For example, if you choose a topic about a certain specific car model then you need to write about all the things about that model like its company, its interior and exterior dimensions, engine, torque, etc. I don’t have much idea about the car so I’ve included those things only.

But in your case, you need to research all the things you need to write for that content.

Platform selection

There are many blogging platforms like Tumblr,, WordPress, etc.

Among this, WordPress is the most used website for bloggers. It helps you with different templates, themes, plugins which is essential for a blogger. It can provide you a specific domain to post your blogs.

So I personally recommend you choose WordPress as a platform selection for starting up a blog.

Choose a Domain Name

If you have a focus of making money by the blog you made then choosing a domain name is really important.

You need to search for a keyword which is small as possible which includes the related information about your blog.

The domain name must not be too long. It should be short and sweet(approximately 15 characters not more than that).

If you want to concern on SEO then you should choose a top-level domain like .net or .com also you avoid buying hyphens containing domains which are mostly spammers.

Choosing a Good Web Hosting

The world is full of good hosting companies.

You can choose whatever you like which is suitable according to your budget.

If you are working on wordpress the service is very good. You can buy from WordPress too.

If you are a beginner then you should go out with Virtual Private Server(VPS) and then after you can go for dedicated hosting.

Caching and Content Delivery Networks.

If you want to speed up the delivery time your webpages then caching is the best option for you.

There are systems like WP super cache and W3 total cache which enables you to increase the delivery time your website.

It is a very important matter because as the traffic increases and you get loads of visitor per day then this can helps you by providing fast services to the other users.

Setting up Content Delivery Networks(CDN) is also important which helps you to speed delivery of the website all over the world.

Suppose if you site loads fast in Asia but not in South America then CDN helps you to manage and replicate those data by which there will be faster delivery of your website all over the world.

If the user needs to wait for certain time to load your page then he will jump towards others website which is not a good thing. So setting up CDN is important.

Enabling permalinks

Permalink is the feature which you can find in WordPress.

So if you want to make your blog SEO friendly then you must enable permalinks.

Plugins like Accelerated Mobile Pages(AMP)

AMP is a Google initiative project to boost mobile devices accessibility.

It takes time to load in your mobile devices too but by using this plugin user can access to the website besides the huge content.

Installing Google Analytics

Google analytics keeps the records what you are doing in your blogs. It is the best method using URL campaign builder where you can post links in any places and you can view the incoming traffic on your page.

Installing google webmaster tools

Google webmaster tool is software from Google which helps you to increase the ranking of the blog. You must have related keywords in your blog and this tool really helps you for the growth of the site.

Increase More Content for BLOGGING

You should not stop with just one blog on your site.

You should add others for example just as above if your blog consists of a model of a car then you can make another blog relating to the same topic like 10 best pros and cons of the certain car model.

By which readers get to your other blog. You need to add other blogs links to the blog in which the viewer is reading. So don’t just stop in one blog make others too.

Marketing your content in different Social Media

After completing a blog make sure you share that content of yours reach to many people via social platforms like facebook, twitter, etc.

The more it gets shared the more it becomes popular.

So social media play an important role in marketing.

Monetizing your content

Monetizing your content is the best part. You can make money by monetizing the blog. You can put up ads using google Adsense and can make from that as well.

So these are the major steps which will help you to start up a blog. Starting a blog takes a lot of time so need to be more passionate about it. The rest depends upon you.

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