How to write SEO Friendly Article: Beginner Guide

Are you trying to write content for your blog and having trouble?

Are you looking for writing SEO friendly content?

Writing an SEO friendly content is art to start a blog and making your blog rank top on search engines fast and effectively.

Anyone can write an article but in today’s era writing an SEO friendly article is the key in today’s market. This article helps you write SEO friendly article that helps you compete with articles in today’s world.

how to write seo friendly article

Writing an SEO needs practice and your content doesn’t get rankings quickly, there are numerous things that affect your optimization. So, SEO content Writing needs patience and practice.

While writing SEO, there are several things that you should keep in mind.

Initially make sure your website and pages land on the first page, it is the key that explodes your links, shares, clicks, and engagements.

Once you know these basic things, apply them in your content. You must start seeing results.

Let us learn a few factors that help your content rank better initially,

  1. Using headers and sub-headings.
  2. Linking your content with other content.
  3. Research for keywords and choose them wisely.
  4. Use content optimization tools
  5. Optimize your images.
  6. Determine your content length.

How can you make your content SEO friendly?

Here I am listing some points with which you can prepare for your SEO friendly article.

Use Headers and sub-headings

Generally, people go through headers and sub-headings before jumping into your content. So make sure your content is a brief description of the content. You should choose words in Headers that are catchy and understood by most people.

Adding Keywords to Headers and sub-headings helps your content rank better.

Using different types of keywords make search engine robots understand what your content is about and rank your content accordingly.

Linking your content with other content.

Backlinking helps pages rank better.

Both internal and external linkings are used to rank better. 

In order to build traffic, start linking your content with your previous contents and try maintaining networks of internal linking within your pages.

Good content tends to get a lot of backlinks.

Backlinking to reputed websites is a good culture of SEO, apply to do that it results invalidating your website in the future.

Research for keywords and choose them wisely

There are different research tools for keywords, try using those tools.

For free tools, you can use Ubersuggest.

Use the right amount of appropriate keywords, using too many keywords is not a good practice of SEO friendly content writing. (Generally 2-3 keywords in 600 words content.)

There are different types of keywords, so make sure you use these types of keywords wisely according to your contents.

Use content optimization tools

There are many free content optimization tools available that help to optimize your content, which helps check your contents.

These tools help increase the quality of your content.

 Optimize your images.

Image optimization includes including the right size, quality of image, adding alt text etc.

Using high-quality images increases the loading time of your page which reduces engagement on your page, so choose the quality and size of your wisely.

Using alt text increases SEO optimization.

Determine your content length

Standard content length is around 1800 words but the content length is exactly not defined, content length depends on the topic and competition.

Therefore, determine your content length on the basis of your topic.

Content writing is a slow process that needs a lot of practice and wise use of tools.

Research is the key to produce quality content.

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