Resham Firiri Songs Lyrics and Meaning

Resham Firiri is one of the famous and traditional Nepali songs that are loved by the people around the world. It has always been a most reputed song among the tourists who visited Nepal in once in their life and also equally important for the Nepalese as a domestic Tourist.

Talking about the most important and popular songs in Nepal such as Surkhe Thaili Khai, Kutu Ma Kutu, are the most view songs in the youtube in Nepalese Youtube.

Along with all of this song Resham Firiri has been all-time favorite songs appreciated by the tourists around the globe.

resham firiri songs lyrics and more

There is a number of fans following from the past time as a different level of the fan-based song. I am also very happy when I listen to this song and I listed it in my playlists.

It is also a folk-based song with beautiful lyrics. I can say something about this song if are pure Nepali I can bet you that it’s your one of the best song of your childhood.

There is also a probability if you may not be a Nepali citizen but have come to Nepal once your life you might have already listened to this song in the different places of Nepal.

You can listen to this song in public places, Local buses, restaurant, Hotel, station different trekking spots while you are traveling as a guest in Nepal.

Nepal celebrates different festivals in such of the time of gathering with your loved ones from your family members it is always a common thing to sing and dance in these songs for a very long period of time.

Talking about the tradition of Nepal the song called Resham Firiri has been one of the best songs introduced to save culture and diversity of the country.

Along with these things has been always the taste of tongue to the foreigners to know about culture and traditions by the way of performing and playing as an instrumental version.

This song Resham Firiri was also recorded in the famous radio of Nepal called Radio Nepal.

You may be thinking about who introduced this beautiful song?

This song was recorded by the Buddhi Pariyar in the district of Pokhara. Buddhi Pintrodiced the Pariyar had introduced the lyrics of the song and gave it that time famous Nepali singer Dwarika Lal Joshi and Sunder Shrestha.

They are also regarded as an all-time popular Nepali singer and this song was made in 1970 in the different local radios of Nepal. After the time goes on this song grows the number of fans and the most popular song in the history of the Nepali music industry.

It makes the world in one hand due to the love of this song Resham Firiri among the tourist of Nepal.

It can be said as a famous because when you travel the remote villages and mountaineering region of Nepal such as the famous trekking routes Annapurna base camp trek and Everest base camp trek.

You can read write and sing through the lyrics of the song Resham Firiri in the below.

Lyrics In English

Resham firiri, resham firiri
Udera jaunkee dandaa ma bhanjyang
Resham firiri
Kukuralai kuti kuti biralolai suri
Timro hamro mayapirti dobatoma kuri
Ek nale banduk, dui nale banduk, mirga lai takeko
Mirga lai mailey takeko hoina maya lai dakay ko
Aakash ma jahaz, sadak ma motor, na bhaye gaada cha
Yo mana jasto tyo mana bhaye tagatai gada cha
Saano ma sano gaai ko bachho bhirai ma, Ram, Ram
Chodera jaana sakina maile, baru maya sanghai jaun

Lyrics In Nepali (नेपालीमा)

रेशम फिरिरी रेशम फिरिरी
उडेर जाउँ कि डाँडामा भन्ज्यांग,
रेशम फिरिरी

कुकुरलाई कुती कुती, बिरालोलाई सुरी
तिम्रो हाम्रो माया प्रिती दोबाटोमा कुरी
एकनाले बन्दुक दुइनाले बन्दुक, मिर्गलाई ताकेको
मिर्गलाई मैले ताकेको होइन, मायालाई डाकेको
आकाशमा जहाज सडकमा मोटर नभए गाडा छ
यो मन जस्तो त्यो मन भए तागत गाढा छ
सानोमा सानो गाईको बाच्छो भिरैमा राम राम
छोडेर जान सकिन मैले, बरु माया संगै जाउँ

Resham Firiri Original Video

Resham Firiri by Arko Mukherjee

Resham Firiri by Japanese Singer Aoi Sano

Resham Firiri Instrumental by Kutumba

Resham Firiri by Alexander Slocombe

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