Pressidium Hosting Review

WordPress has become one of the most used platforms to develop and manage a WordPress website.

You do however need a web hosting company to host and actually manage your WordPress website for you. Let me introduce you to a relatively new web hosting company, that is, Pressidium, which is quite higher in the game of web hosting.

Pressidium is a secret gem in the web hosting world because most people do not know about it but it deserves more fame if you look closer to the services it offers. When you want to host a WordPress website, you seek a web hosting company where WordPress experts are dealing with the website and you get that with Pressidium. 

What is Pressidium?

Pressidium is a web hosting company that specializes in managed WordPress hosting only. It was established back in 2013 by Andrew Georges, Filip Slavik, John Andriopoulus, and Giannis Zachariadis.

Every website is handled by experienced engineers in Pressidium and hence you do not have to worry about your website being in a wrong hand.

The data centers of Pressidium are located in multiple locations but the main center is located in London, United Kingdom. Pressidium is known to be a premium managed WordPress hosting company that offers its services at a comparatively lower price than other premium WordPress hosts like FlyWheel, CloudWays, Pagely, etc.

However, it is more costly than Bluehost and with the increase in money you pay, you do get extra features and trust me, you will love it.

Why Pressidium?

Choosing a correct web host for your precious online business is where a lot of thought goes into. Pressidium is one of the safest choices among the pool of web hosts for your WordPress blogs or websites. Why is it so? Let us look into following key features that will answer this question:


Uptime is referred to as the amount of time your website is hosted by the server. The server is down only when it is being maintained or because of some other technical reasons. When you are just starting up with your website, you might not even know what uptime is and its significance.

Uptime is one of the most important aspects in a web hosting domain which will affect your online business in the near future if you won’t take a closer look at the beginning. Pressidium offers its customers with 99.95% of the total uptime and they refund 5% of your payment for any downtime experienced.

Loading Speed

Loading Speed is again another important factor that decides if your online business is ever going to bloom or not.

If you have chosen a web host that loads your content faster then your website with load fast in Google SEO due to which people all around the world can get access to your website faster. The loading speed Pressidium offers is almost 180ms which is very good and as per my personal experience, it has even been 70ms sometimes. 

Multi-tier caching mechanism

The best feature of Pressidium is its multiple tiers caching feature. The multiple tiers are actually 5 layers of caching mechanism. Caching is very helpful to increase the loading speed of your website. If the contents that are accessed regularly or often are cached then the servers can look into the cache memory and return the contents to the viewer as soon as possible. The multi-layer caching mechanism provides the user with multiple layers of security, load balancing, and caching. 


Security is a major concern while hosting your business online. There are numerous security threats in the form of malware, as well as third-person trying to breach into your business. Pressidium has understood this aspect of online working clearly and hence provides an inbuilt security system to its customers. Pressidium’s foolproof security platform offers various services, such as:

  • Secure file access through SFTP
  • Bot Filtering
  • Web Application Firewall (WAF)
  • Malware Monitoring System
  • Free cleanup services

Automatic Backup

Automatic Backup also kind of falls under the roof of security. As I have already mentioned, security has become a major concern in online business, you might lose whatever you had in seconds. Similarly, your website or online business might go into crisis if you lose any of the important documents.

For this sole purpose, Pressidium offers free automatic backup to its customers. The website or the versions of websites are backed up every day and held on to for a few days. Due to this, you can get access to the versions of the website that you wish to work on anytime before the daily backup expires. And on top of every advantage that you can take, everything is done for you for free, which is an amazing feature if you look at it.

Staging area

Staging Area is an area where you can test the updates, upgrades, or any other change before committing it to your main website or online business. When you host business in an online platform, shutting down for upgrades is the last thing you would want to do because it would decrease the user interaction significantly. So having an environment where you can test all the changes that would lead to a major change in your business is quite helpful. Pressidium provides its customers with a staging area and it is more helpful for those who are not sure of what they actually want to do with their business and this happens to almost every website owner. 

Money-back guarantee

Every web hosts offer a money-back guarantee to its customers who are not sure to commit to a particular web host. Hence, offering this feature helps those customers to test out bundles of the web host and finally commit to one. Pressidium offers a whooping 60 days money-back guarantee and I assure you 60 days is enough number of days to find out if a particular web host works for your business or not. 

Customer support

Clients in any business keep returning back to their providers only if it has good customer service and that the client has been treated right in the past. I would not be wrong to claim that a good customer service plays a significant role in making a business successful. Pressidium has 24/7 customer support, from live chat to knowledge bases. They also have phone call service, emails, social networking, and provide a token as well. 


Having numerous data centers that have been spread all around the world also is the reason for its lighting fast loading speeds. Pressidium has five data centers that have been located in different parts of the globe and they are:

  • Japan
  • North America
  • Southeast Asia
  • Europe
  • Oceania

As you can see the data centers are well spread and hence work on the benefit of clients all over the world.

Custom control panel

Control panel is very important for those customers who try to customize the setting and manage their website on the basis of their requirements. Pressidium offers almost semi-full control of the website to its customers by providing a custom control panel. 

Free website migration

Transferring a website from one host to another is painful, especially when you are just a beginner trying out new web hosts. However, Pressidium does all the work for you and all you got to do is send a support ticket to Pressidium along with your website’s URL, username, and a password. And the most amazing thing is that you can do that without paying even a penny. 

Pressidium plans

Pressidium specializes in managed WordPress hosting only and even if it provides only a single service, it does offer various options under the single hosting service as well. Pressidium provides various plans to its customers and they are:


The personal plan is the cheapest managed WordPress plan offered by Pressidium that will cost you about $42 per month if billed annually and $49.90 per month if billed monthly.


On the basis of a number of WordPress sites that can be hosted to different features offered by different plans, the Professional plan is the second cheapest plan offered by Pressidium at $125 per month if billed annually and $149.90 per month if billed monthly.


A business plan refers to the plan basically suited for the website with more traffic, that is, more popular websites. The cost of a business plan starts from $250 per month if billed annually and $299.90 per month if billed monthly.

Business Plus

Business Plus is the most expensive plan that is offered by Pressidium to its customers. There are various unlimited features if you decide to purchase this plan for your WordPress blog or website. The plan costs $500 per month if billed annually or $599.90 per month if billed monthly. 

Final Verdict

Pressidium falls under the group of web hosts that offers mostly premium services to its customers. When we look at the services and the price on which the services are being offered, it does seem like Pressidium is just a dime expensive than other Managed WordPress web hosts. 

But when you look closely you get amazing benefits with all the money you have paid to the service providers. Would I recommend Pressidium even if it seems a bit expensive? Yes, I would. Pressidium price goes a little higher than other web hosts but it is just because you are getting A-one services with the money. 

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