MicroJobEngine Review: Best Fiverr Style WordPress Theme

Looking for creating your own site which includes safe payment method?

You are at the right place.

This article helps you to know what MicroJobEngine has to offer and how can you build your website using MicroJobEngine.

Microjobengine is a WordPress theme used to build your own website without using having prior knowledge of coding. It is used by many business owners to create an interactive website.

You can download MicroJobEngine and can be used to create our own websites like freelancer.com, fiverr.com where people search for job providers and job creators.

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I used the MicroJobEngine platform to grow up my business which has molded my business towards the path of success.

What is MicroJobEngine?

Microjobengine is one of the best WordPress themes available on the web now. 

Microjobengine is a WordPress theme that is used for building a premium site for users for creating a website that connects buyers and sellers. Users can connect clients and workers and do the transactions through sites.

Mjb is easy to use therefore used by most of our followers to create sites so sites created using MJB. This theme is easier for promoting your websites with SEO and digital marketing.

It is easy to connect two types of users (i.e. sellers and buyers) and add up payment methods and gateway in MJB.

Micorjobengine provides different package plans for us which can be used according to our plans and needs. 


How to build a website using MicroJobEngine?

It is very simple to create a website using MicroJobEngine. Here are the steps to build your own site.

  1. First, find a domain name for your site.
  2. Find a hosting feasible to your site based on the services you need and the traffic you get.
  3. Install WordPress.
  4. Install and configure MicroJobEngine (it should be customized according to your requirements).
  5. Launch site.

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Features of MJB

  • Onsite notifications
  • Interactive user dashboard
  • Two side order tracking
  • Safe payment system
  • Onsite chatbox
  • Provides free supports and updates.

How can I use MicroJobEngine to create my own website?

Microjobengine is being used by many freelancers in order to develop a website for their clients without using codes. Microjobengine provides us a premium and authorized WordPress platform for our website.

Things needed  for creating our MicroJobEngine website

  • Domain Name (Your website name. For eg:- Anish.com)
  • WordPress hosting accounts for storing your website contents. We recommend using A2 Hosting for developing your Micro Job Website.
  • A MicroJob-addon theme

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Types of users on MicroJobEngine

Microjobengine is mostly used to create a platform where users are of two categories:

Buyers: the one that visits your site and provides the service.

Sellers: the one that visits your site to provide service to buyers.



MicroJobEngine works as the best theme that can be used to build a premium site that is able to handle payment methods and makes the interaction between two users.

This theme has features that make your website more interactive and attractive along with many safety features.you can unlock different micro-jobs features buying plus and pro MicroJobEngine packages.

I personally recommend using microjobengine theme for the users aiming to take place in the market fast.

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