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If you are a beginner in the field of web hosting and you are searching for a consistent and affordable web hosting service, then you have to hold on to this article.

Because here, I am going to talk about iPage hosting, which may not be as popular as other web hosting companies, but it will provide you with amazing performance. iPage believes in flexibility and hence it has made its plans the most simple and flexible as it contains a single Shared plan and two WordPress plans.

It is mostly known for its ease of use and how it is so simple for beginners to catch up to. As I have been telling you since you’ve started reading this article, if you are new to this world then you can trust iPage for your new online business. It will take care of your business in the best way possible.

What is iPage Hosting?

iPage is a web hosting company that is providing one shared hosting plan and two WordPress plans to its customers. It was started back in 1998 and currently, it has been hosting 1 million websites worldwide. It has been hosting businesses for over 2 decades now with the two data centers in the U.S. It was owned by the Endurance International Group(EIG), which also owns many of the hard hitters in the field of web hosts, like Bluehost, Hostgator, etc.

While many hosts brag about hundreds of plans they offer with different price points, iPage is here providing its customers with just a few. And still, it is considered as one of the most flexible web hosts out there. It is because of the simplicity it offers and is made just for the beginners. Being simple is not enough to run for almost 2 decades, and hence, it has also been providing great performance with an exceeding uptime.

Why iPage Hosting?

I have already mentioned some of the points of why iPage is still in use and why most of its customers are drawn towards it. iPage does provide a number of features to its customers at a very cheap price. Some of the key features of iPage are as follows:


As I have already stated that the iPage only provides a total of 3 plans, which would be very easy for a beginner to catch up to. Having numerous plans is useful for those who have been in this field for long enough to scale through the features and grasp what is necessary. But for those of you who are just stepping the feet in this business, it gets confusing as you would want everything and it is just too much.


Uptime is not something a beginner would look after but once your website starts to grow, it is the most important part that will lead to either growth or downfall of your websites. Uptime, to be precise, is the amount of time your website is online and it does not seem important at first because the traffic is low at first. But once your website starts getting traffic, your website should be online almost all the time and iPage offers incredibly impressive uptime of 99.97%.

Loading Speed

Loading Speed is also something a beginner will neglect and once the website starts reaching a number of people, it is extremely important. Loading Speed will determine if your website will load first at the Google Search Engine and displaying your website on the first page of Goggle is extremely important for your website to reach people all around the world. iPage offers its customers with the loading speed of 739ms, which is as compared to different other web hosts quite low. But for the price and other services that it offers its customers, you can squeeze a little drawback as well.


This feature is also related to the small number of plans iPage offers. Although iPage has not been providing a lot of web hosting plans, it has gained immense popularity because of its dynamic nature. It is flexible as you can sign up for what you want and you will actually get exactly what is needed. 


I might not have to tell you how important the price point is to look after before getting any new product, which can be anything. And for a web hosting company which you will be hooked to for years, it is incredibly important. iPage offers its customers the price as less as $1.59 which does not even get you a cup of coffee at Starbucks. 

Customer Support

iPage is always there whenever you get into trouble, which might not even happen. It offers customer service that is open 24/7 and all 365 days of the year. The service is provided through multiple channels, that is, phone calls, live chat, emails, and social networking sites as well.

Money-back guarantee

iPage, just like any other web hosting service providers, offers its customers with 30 days money-back guarantee which is as I always tell you guys, enough to know if any service is working for you or not. If the iPage does not stand up as per your expectations, you can get a refund and move on with any other web hosts. You can find any other web hosts and we have covered you up as you can find the review of any web hosts on inspiringworm.com. 

Free Domain

As awesome as it sounds, yes iPage offers its customers a free domain for the first year. You can pay extra bucks after the first year if you would want to continue with iPage a much longer.

Security Features

Accompanied by the different security features, your website is scanned almost daily to check any malware and the threat is also removed. iPage installs a firewall to protect your website against any threats across the internet. 

Unlimited Features

With such a low price point, iPage also offers its customers with unlimited features like unlimited disk space, and unlimited MySQL databases as well. Along with that, you also get scalable bandwidth, which is mostly unmetered.

Free SSL

iPage also offers a free SSL certificate to its customers, no matter what plan you choose. Do not get carried into by less price point as you are getting a lot of features that you would have to pay for in other web hosts.

iPage Hosting Plans

iPage Hosting plans are the most simple and the most flexible because it only offers few plans. However, these plans are enough to provide an amazing web hosting facility to a newbie in a hosting world. The hosting plans it offers to its customers is described below:

Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting is the cheapest and the most simple hosting plan ever made. It is the traditional hosting that is the oldest and most used. In this hosting plan, a physical server is shared among different customers and the resources are shared on-demand. iPage offers a single plan under Shared Hosting or Web Hosting and is the cheapest on the bunch of different web hosts. iPage claims its hosting plans to be one-size-fits-all hosting plans and is enough for all the web enthusiasts who are willing to grow their online business. It will cost you as low as $1.99 per month if you subscribe for 3 years. 

WordPress Hosting

iPage provides managed WordPress hosting to its customers. Managed WordPress hosting is the type of hosting that is specialized in WordPress only. It is very useful for WordPress websites owners as it is specialized only in WordPress and all the customer support team is equipped with WordPress experts who will look at your site closely and also helps you with managing the website.

So that you can focus on growing your online business, which you are best at without worrying about other aspects of managing a website. iPage offers its customers with two WordPress plans and they are WP Starter and WP Essential that will cost you $3.75, and $6.95 per month respectively. 

Final Verdict

iPage, as simple as it is, it does offer a lot of services that most of the beginners require to process through with their first websites. I’ve been working with iPage on one of my websites and have had an amazing experience with it. It is mostly focused on beginners and is as simple as any web hosting service can get. With an extremely affordable price point and a range of services, iPage does come to the top at the web hosting domain. Although it is not considered as popular as other web hosts if you are just starting up then I suggest you try out iPage.

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