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It gets confusing once you start looking for web hosting companies online as you will find hundreds of them with hundreds of features they offer. 

That is why we are here to guide you through all of them and help you to choose the one that benefits your online business the most. 

If you want to switch to one of the fastest loading servers without breaking the bank, then your top choice could be InterServer web host. 

InterServer is mostly known for its low price points with customizable web host plans. InterServer offers hosting plans from beginner-friendly to the expert level, which will help you work on your website as per your need. 

What is InterServer?

InterServer is an online web hosting company based in the United States of America. The primary data center of InterServer is located in New York, however, it does have two other data centers both located in the United States. Established in 1999, InterServer has definitely come up in the competitive world of hundreds of other web hosts.

It has claimed to provide service to both domestic and international customers from basic hosting plans, freelancers, to Fortune 500 as well. Being one of the oldest web hosting companies, InterServer has been working on this business for about 21 years now and has found a way to incorporate almost all the features that a customer seeks.

Why InterServer?

InterServer has been providing its services as a web host for about 21 years now. To survive in a world that is so competitive, it must have been providing amazing features. Some of the key features of InterServer are as follows:


InterServer has been providing the uptime of almost 99.9%, which is pretty promising. InterServer does not provide any way to measure the uptime it has been providing, however, the users can use other applications to measure the uptime for free.

Another interesting fact about InterServer is that if your website does not perform as InterServer claims, you can get a refund of up to 50%. 

Fast Loading Speed

InterServer is widely known for its fast loading speed. InterServer uses a primary data center located in New York which is highly networked and complex. It also uses fiber optics to communicate with the customers which help to create a faster loading speed as compared to many other web hosts out there. 

Unlimited services

InterServer offers its customers with unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth. While other web hosts claim to offer unlimited bandwidth to its customers, the speed of the website decreases and finally, it sends you a sneaky email about how you should upgrade your hosting plans. On the contrary, InterServer unlimited services are transparent and you will surely get what they promised for.

why interserver hosting

Money-back guarantee

InterServer offers its customers with 30 days trial period where you can try the features it offers and decide if it is beneficial for your online business. 30 days is a generous amount of time to figure out whether some features and performance work for your website or not.

Free Site Migration

InterServer gives its customers an amazing feature of switching your website from any other web hosting company to itself for free. While other web hosts are charging you dollars and dollars for migrating the website, InterServer is doing it for free.

You can migrate as many websites for free to InterServer that is possible to host on a shared plan. However, WordPress, Dedicated, and VPS hosting offers only one free migration. 

Affordable and transparency

Any website owner who has researched enough will tell you the reason for choosing InterServer is because of the price it offers. The shared plan starts only at $5 per month.

And the best part of InterServer is the price won’t go up on a yearly basis. Everything that you will get in that price range is made clear to its customers and InterServer is known for not hiding any sneaky features and amounts. 

Cloudflare CDN

CDN or Content Delivery Network is very essential to make your website reach a number of users worldwide. InterServer is integrated with a Cloudflare content delivery network that helps you to get your website out and work in hundreds of countries all around the world.

However, you have to log in to Cloudflare and create an account before getting access to all these amazing features.

Customer Support

InterServer is equipped with experts behind the screen to help you if you encounter any problems before, during or after setting up InterServer as your web hosts. There are calls, chats, and a toll-free number you could dial to get in touch with experts.


InterServer provides its customers with a control panel to its customers. Having a control panel where you can view and manage everything of your website, from application to servers, is a strong power assigned to your hand by the InterServer.


InterServer backs up its customer’s website once a week for every single customer out there who is using InterServer. Automatic backup is one of the most important aspects in a web hosting environment which not many people acknowledge. If your online business is backed up then you can go back to the point you liked and enjoyed your website. 


The security features in InterServer is quite impressive. InterServer provides free SSL certificates to customers who are subscribed to any of the plans. Along with SSL certificates, firewalls and various security mechanisms are followed to ensure secure use of online services.

Windows and Linux Servers

InterServer is one of the few web hosting companies that use both Windows and Linux servers to host a website.

InterServer Plans

InterServer is widely known for providing a number of hosting plans that are suitable for both beginners and experts as well. They offer lists of hosting plans for the different price ranges. The hosting plans that InterServer web hosts offers are as follows:

Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting is the simplest type of web hosting plan where you share the resources with other users and pay for what you use for. It is the most economical web hosting service as one server is used to serve many customers and the price for maintenance is distributed as well.

InterServer provides different shared hosting plans with different price points. The shared hosting plans offered by InterServer are Standard Web Hosting, Windows web hosting, and WordPress hosting for prices $5, $5, and $8 per month respectively. 

VPS and Cloud Hosting 

Cloud Hosting is the type of web hosting where you access and store all the data used in your online business from the cloud. Virtual Machines or VM are used to access these data online where these data are scattered on different physical machines.

VPS or Virtual Private Server is the hosting plan where a virtual server is dedicated to a single user. If your online business has high demand and you need an overall server but you can not commit to the actual dedicated server then you can absolutely choose a VPS server.

InterServer offers various types of VPS cloud hosting plans with different price points and they are VPS home, Windows VPS, and WordPress VPS. The price points vary on the basis of the CPU and memory used.

Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting is also offered by InterServer to its customers. Reseller hosting is the type of hosting where a third party can buy a hosting plan from InterServer and sell it to other customers by dividing the bandwidth, space, and other resources that come along with the plan.

The reseller hosting is not divided into different plans but you can get on certain price points by subscribing as per your requirements. 

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting is the most complex type of web hosting plan where a whole server is dedicated to hosting your website. Subscribing to a dedicated plan requires expertise in the field of web hosting as you have to manage and organize everything on your server yourself.

InterServer provides 2 basic dedicated hosting plans to its customers and they are Xeon E3-1230, and 2 x Six-Core E5-2620 for $70, and $340 per month respectively.

Colocation Hosting

Colocation Hosting is basically Dedicated hosting with one major difference. That is, in dedicated hosting, you rent a whole server, however, in colocation hosting, you own the server but it is managed and organized by the cloud service provider.

InterServer offers four different plans under colocation hosting and they are 1U Colocation, ¼ Shared Rack (10U), ½ Shared Rack (20U), and Full Closed Cabinet (48U) for price $99, $400, $750, and $1200 per month respectively. 

Final Verdict

If you have held on to for this long then you might now have an idea that InterServer is in this business to provide amazing featured services at an amazingly affordable price. 

It offers simple services from shared hosting to complex services, like Dedicated and Colocation Hosting as well. 

Hence, you have room to improve and work on your online business without worrying about things like storage and processors as you can move to the upper tier services. Would I recommend switching to InterServer? 

Yes, of course, as per my own experience InterServer has been one of the least troublesome and helpful among the bunch of web hosts. 

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