FreelanceEngine Review: Freelance Marketplace WordPress Theme

Are you guys searching for the best Freelance Marketplace WordPress theme?

You are in the right place.

Today I am sharing my knowledge with Freelance Engine by Engine Themes.

Many of us users might want to work of our own rather work under some company or under supervisor or boss. Here freelancing works a great role for making easy money.

Freelancing is a website which takes different projects from a job provider and posts it into their site.

Similarly, freelancers take those jobs where job providers pay a certain amount to the freelancers for completing those projects.

freelance marketplace wordpress theme

What is FreelanceEngine?

FreelanceEngine is a unique freelance job posting and bidding online which enables you to create a bidding website. In easy terms, we can compare it to freelancing where job providers give different types of jobs in your web site and users get it done. 

The freelance engine has a theme which has its own built-in function or module where user can create a new account by sign up or log in with the existing account for bidding projects or posting works of different projects and also has a function of hiring a freelancer or apply themselves as a freelancer.


Why FreelanceEngine?

There are many advanced features which are provided with this WordPress freelance theme so that different operations can be managed by the website owner or administrator.

For e.g. Homepage builder gives you the ability to insert necessary content sections, Same way you can use pricing page to create various job listing plans for business people to earn money.

Also free and premium listing options with limitations or conditions can be provided by us as we may like.

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Advantages of using FreelanceEngine

  • Friendly customer service.
  • Prices are reasonable to get jobs done.
  • Has social login integration.
  • Has user dashboard

Features of FreelanceEngine.


The layout in this freelance engine enables you to search and post different types of projects from any devices or any instruments whether it is a laptop or desktop computer or mobile devices.

Best income tool

As I have mentioned above it is the best source of income for those users who choose freelance over working in a certain company.

freelance marketplace wordpress theme demo 1

Homepage Details

EngineThemes templates always provide with custom homepage layouts. So, you can add and display each important detail on the homepage area and customize according to your creativeness.

The introduction block helps users to add details about your marketplace and specialty so user can know the benefits and effectiveness of your portal.

Easily Customizable

The development team has worked smartly and perfectly to offer you best and easily customizable freelance WordPress theme.


So that you won’t have to hire any coder to manage your project bidding website which will save your maximum efforts and money. 

freelance marketplace wordpress theme demo 2


The freelance engine works as a freelancing website that consists of many features for users with many advantages. It helps newcomers to make some money of their own by freelancing.

I personally suggest you guys check or visit some freelancing websites so you might fill your pockets with money based on your experience.

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