Top 4 Free SEO Ranking Checker Websites (2022)

We have handpicked some of the Free SEO Ranking Checker Websites to date. The number 2 is our favorite. Find out why!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the procedure of increasing Web Traffic from search engine. The up-to-date in checking rankings is the best practice for SEO.

Top 4 Free SEO Ranking Checker Websites

There are many Ranking Checker Website which are both free and premium. Here I am listing the Free Rank Checker Websites.


TheHoth is one of my favorite tools to check my website’s rankings. This tool will help you to find your top traffic driving keywords. You can simply check your high ranked keywords with one click. Sometimes it asks some additional information like email to proceed.

thehoth seo rankings

The above data is generated with the help of SEMrush. You can try SEMrush Trial for 7 Days for FREE.

SEO Review Tool

SEO Review Tool is also one of the best SEO Rankings Checker tools which helps to find the ranking keywords in bulk. With this tool, you can normally input your domain and see the keywords result.


Not only this you can also export the result to Excel.

Small SEO Tools

Small SEO Tools is one of the most popular SEO tools among Digital Marketer. There are various useful web tools that will be useful for your day-to-day life. And with this tool, you can track your Keyword Position for FREE. You can simply check the  Google Rankings by just entering the domain names and keywords.

small seo tools


SERPs is also a free keyword rank checker tool. With this, you can obtain the rankings position results simply by entering the URL and the keywords.


Final Say

Most of the above free tools won’t provide all the keywords rankings. Most of them are affiliated with SEMrush and provides limited data. I will suggest you buy SEMrush if you or your business can afford it. You can Try SEMrush for FREE for 15 Days.

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