Elementor Page Builder Review: Is Elementor Pro Actually Worth It?

Do you want to create your own websites?

Want to build Website without coding or without Hiring a Web Developer?

If yes then high five.

I too use WordPress because it is the best platform to create websites without any coding.

Instead of coding, you can use your own creativity.

But the thing is how you are going to create it?

There are different plugins available to build websites on WordPress. Where all you need to do is drag and drop those plugins and there you go a beautiful website of your own without using HTML5 CSS3 and JAVASCRIPT or without hiring a frontend developer.

There are many plugins available to create a website of your own. But I personally use Elementor.

Here are some descriptions that I am sharing it with you.

What is Elementor?

Elementor is a WordPress page builder plugin which has an easy drag and drops interface or feature to build beautiful websites.

Elementor Pro is the additional version of Elementor which enables you to use more additional and professional features that you cannot do with Elementor.

This builder will help you more with designs and workflow.

It does not require any codes and configuration which is a plus point for us to create a website in easiest way?

It contains various amounts of elements that help you to simply drag and drop the content you need for your website.

Why Elementor Best Page Builder of WordPress?

WordPress contains various amounts of plugins. But Elementor is the most featured one. 

Why? Here is the answer

Elementor is the most well recognized and best page builder of WordPress due to its flexibility. It enables you to create your website which is completely different from others based on your own originality and also take over your page editing.

You don’t have to insert any codes to make your website. Just on a single click which is drag and drops you can make your website.

No any skills required like HTML5 CSS3 JAVASCRIPT AND PHP. 

Elementor Free Vs Pro

elementor free vs pro

The Elementor plugin offers you the best and fundamentals like basic text, headings, attributes, links, images, etc. which enables other features for which you have to insert or download plugins. Also, you can insert icons for social media, inserting maps, etc. but that’s not what you need, for adding additional features you need Elementor pro.

So here are some differences by which you can determine which of them do you need for creating websites.


The basic essentials for creating a website like drag and drop editor without code is free for both Elementor and Elementor pro but the other essentials like access to pro updates and 24/7 premium support can be found in only Elementor pro.


The basic design like responsiveness for mobile devices are both available for free and pro version but other features like 300+ Pro templates and blocks, custom fonts and adobe type kit, and 15+ other design widgets can only be found in Elementor pro.

So you have to decide which you ‘d like to choose for yourself.


The marketing feature like create landing pages using Canvas template is free on both free and pro. The other factors like popup builder, sticky elements, social buttons, action widgets, actions links, lightbox, form widget can only be available in the pro version.

Theme builder

There is nothing free in this category so for this there are features like theme elements, display conditions, sticky header, 404 pages, single post, archive page role manager and 15+ other theme widgets are available in the pro version.

Dynamic content.

Similarly features like the request for parameters, custom field derivations, and integrations, and 20+ other dynamic widgets are available in the pro version.

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Key Features of Elementor

Some of the features are mentioned above. So I am listing here key features only.

  1. Building page functions without any codes.
  2. Libraries of already made templates which can be modified quickly.
  3. Elementor canvas. Which enables you to create a blank page without WordPress themes like header, footer, sidebar, etc.
  4. You can take many advantages from available widgets and can place anywhere on your website.
  5. You can have an option of revision history where you can review and make changes that you have made on your website.

Pricing and Licensing Scheme

elementor pricing

You can get the Elementor plugin for free. But if you are planning on upgrading for Elementor pro here are pricings schemes.

If you want to create for your personal use and create only one site then the price for 1 site is $49 USD per year. This includes:

  1. Pro widgets which are 50+  and Pro templates which are 300+.
  2. Theme Builder and Pop up Builder.
  3. Which supports for 1 year and updates for 1 year.

If you want to create for your personal use or for different companies and create three sites then the price for 3 sites is $99 USD per year. This includes:

  1. Pro widgets which are 50+  and Pro templates which are 300+.
  2. Theme Builder and Pop up Builder.
  3. Which supports for 1 year and updates for 1 year.

If you want to create for different companies and create thousands of sites then the price for 1000 sites is $199 USD per year. This includes:

  1. Pro widgets which are 50+  and Pro templates which are 300+.
  2. Theme Builder and Pop up Builder.
  3. Which supports for 1 year and updates for 1 year.

Why Should We Upgrade to PRO Version?

There are lots of features in the pro version as I have mentioned above with details so am reviewing it here by listing them.

Features like essentials, design, marketing, theme builder, dynamic content, E-commerce, Forms, Integrations, etc can be designed, modified and built using the Pro Version.

Elementor Review: An Overview

Overall an Elementor is the best plugins that you would like to make a beautiful site.

Unlike other plugins, you need to download for additionals features but using Elementor you don’t need to download additional features for managing your site.

There are lots of modifications that you can come up with so it’s your decision whether to use this plugin or not.

But I personally recommend you to try this plugin.

And trust me you won’t regret it.


Is Elementor Pro free?

Elementor Pro is the additional features that you won’t get on Elementor free. So if you want those additional features then it is not for Free.

What does Elementor pro do that is special?

Elementor pro can help you get more clients and helps you to complete projects faster, easier and efficiently. So this thing is something special that I found in Elementor pro.

What happens when Elementor pro expires? 

There is auto-renewal function in Elementor pro. Which helps you to continue features like 24/7 support, additional templates, etc.

But if you don’t want to continue your Elementor pro then the existing projects that you have made with Elementor pro remains with you. You cannot access more features of Elementor pro anymore if you wont renews this builder.

 Is Elementor free with WordPress?

Yes, it is free with WordPress. All you need to do is download and use it with your creativity.

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