Elementor Pro Discount Code (2022)

Do you want to build your own website without prior knowledge of codings? 

If yes, you are on the right page.

This article helps you to get knowledge about the process of building a website from scratch.

This article tells you about a very essential plugin in WordPress that builds your website with ease and complete project fast.

Elementor is an easy front-end site builder for WordPress used by 3 million + active builders. It assists builders to assist full control over the sites and complete projects fast and easily.

What is Elementor?

Elementor is a front-end site builder for WordPress. It is compatible with every WordPress them which helps builders build webpages faster and with ease.

Elementor allows you to save the pages once build or section of pages for multiple use in the future.

It allows different varieties of users to build their websites according to their needs.


Why Elementor is Best Page Builder of WordPress?

If you are building your first WordPress website or developing a professional website for the agency, this plugin is the best product available in the market.

Elementor offers a wide variety of features therefore used by users from freelancers to agencies. 

Elementor.com provides premium features and support to its users that helps fixing bugs easily and at anytime therefore used by millions of users today.

Elementor Free Vs Pro

elementor free vs pro

Upgrading to Pro version costs you around 49 USD for a single site.

Upgrading your Plugin to pro is completely your choice but pro version provides you lists of things.

  • Loads of templates.
  • Loads of widgets such as global widgets.
  • Helps to build theme builder.
  • Dynamic contents and Custom fields capabilities.
  • Live CSS customs.
  • Interactive carousels

Key Features of Elementor

  • Wide variety of widgets and templates.
  • Provides facility for building your own theme.
  • Role manager sets roles to each type of targeted users. For example – admin, Author, Contributor roles can be set.
  • Provides mobile previews and responsive design controls.
  • Has features of version control that helps in upgrading and roll backing your websites.
  • Has Maintenance mode that allows you to use build under construction pages.
  • Embeds everywhere
  • Custom field integration, designing Header & Footer

Pricing and Licensing Scheme

elementor pricing

Elementor pro version provides 3 packages for builders to develop the website. The personal package provides pro features in 49USD/Year for 1 Site. The Plus package provides pro features in 99USD/Year for 3 Sites and the Professional package provides pro features is 199USD/Year for 1000 Sites.

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elementor pricing

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Some Faqs

How much does Elementor pro cost? 

Elementor pro costs you 49USD/Year for1 site,99USD/Year for 3 site and 199USD/Year for 1000 sites.

Is Elementor any good? 

Elementor provides features for all types of users and provides a wide variety of services to address maximum users.

Is Elementor worth? 

Of course, Elementor is worth as we can make most of it at minimal cost available.

Is Elementor good for SEO?

Elementor provides its own platform for SEO which helps rank your website easily and gets outcomes in a short time period.

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