Electronic Accessories during Trekking in Nepal

Trekking in Nepal is the most fascinating thing you dram for a long time. As you have already decided to trek in Nepal then you must have some a thing that needs to take to the destination. Those things are really basic but may come into problems due to their lack.

Trekking to the various destination like Everest view trek,  Annapurna Base camp trek, Everest base camp trek, Manaslu Base Camp Trek, Kalapatthar trek, Nagarkot Trek, etc and so on.

electronics accessories during trekking

The mentioned regions are the most valuable destination and always popular from the years ago. As the growth and development stables, you should take power packs or the different brand solar chargers from Kathmandu, Pokhara city and the various Himalayas in Nepal. Those of the power packs and things are now better but if there is a condition that you are reliant on electronic devices likewise Kindles, Phones, and laptops.

This is the time where you need power packs to charge and run them efficiently. In the Himalayan region of a country, it is normal for most of the teahouses to charge you to get a plugin.

Sometimes they also charge a fee as per charger sometimes they charge per hour basis. So it is a wonderful idea to take a power bank during your trip and charge wherever you want.


The charger is the most important thing that you really need to take to trekking destination. The charger represents a Mobile phone charger, laptops charger, DSLR or camera charger and so on. As in the Himalayans or any kind of altitude region of a country it will be really difficult to find such a thing easily so preplan is needed. 


All the trekkers are specially requested to have their own power banks with them. It is really difficult to get electricity accessible in that region of a country. In the same way, you will be charged double dollars on charging your mobile. Laptops and whatever you want. As it is already mentioned above be careful about these accessories. Those of the power banks help you in any situation when you run out of electricity. As the altitude rises the costs of charging input also rise in the same way.  


As you have decided to trek in the altitude region then it more necessary to have a camera nowadays. It will help you to make a wonderful memory. Especially it will take you to the destination when you see such photographs in future. Take a video and share it with your friends that also help you to know what you are doing at this time really. Take as much as photo selfies you want because you will never get the second chance to enjoy the same moment in life continuously. The camera may be Dslr or normal camera it doesn’t matter at all. At least you should have a normal pic clicking gadgets to store your present moment.

Tripod of cameras

If you also want to take a hyper-lapse and timelapse then the use of the tripod is most. Similarly, it will take more time to take a time-lapse so a tripod will help and leave it for hours as you wish. It also helps you take a short that is not possible to take with the only hand. You can roll around to take an amazing shot however you want.


The most important thing in the trekking in Nepal is your time and watch. We always recommend you to have one watch on your hand, We can easily calculate and manage our time to be the designed destination by the help of your watch. It will make you smart and stand on your problem.

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