Cloudways Hosting Review

Are you tired of using web hosting services that provide you with a specific service at a specific price? 

Do you want to be able to choose the services, resources, and basically anything in real-time and price that you pay as you go? 

If yes, then hold on to this article and in the end, you’ll get a good knowledge of a web hosting company that uses cloud web hosting services to provide its customers with what they want.

What is Cloudways?

Cloudways is one of the most popular web hosting companies that uses cloud-based services to host its customers. Cloudways is based in Malta and has data centers that count up to 60 in the whole world. Hence, you can find a data center located near you at an affordable price. Established in 2011, Cloudways changed almost everything on its website, calling it Cloudways 2.0 in 2016. Cloudways is mostly famous for how flexible it is with its services and at an extremely affordable price. 

Why Cloudways?

As I have already mentioned the number of new features that you get with Cloudways and why it has been one of the popular web hosting companies in 2020. Some of the key features of Cloudways are as follows:

Custom cPanel

Cloudways provides its customers with a custom control panel. Cloudways control panel is quite different than any other control panel, but if you have been using control panels then you certainly wouldn’t get lost. Using the control panel, you can get access to the application, servers, teams, and projects. 


When I set up a website using Cloudways, it offered me 100% uptime and a great performance. However, it does not claim to offer 100% uptime but it does provide you an amazing performance. If your web hosting provider provides you with such a great uptime, it means that your website would be online almost all the time, increasing your website interactivity and functionalities. 

Customer Service

Any company or organization has the maximum chance of being successful if it provides you with interactive and amazing customer service. Cloudways has a live chat service with experts on the other screen who are ready to solve almost any issue you would face. Along with live chat, you can connect with them using phone, emails, and even social networking sites. Cloudways also provides you with a knowledge base that you can access to find many pieces of information regarding Cloudways.

Cloud Hosting Service

Cloudways does provide cloud-based hosting services to its customers. Cloudways is supported by 5 different cloud service providers, that is, Digital Ocean, Linode, Amazon Web Services, Vultr, and Google Cloud.


Cloudways has established its data centers in different parts of the world. If we count the number of data centers of Cloudways, it might go up to 60 or even more. Hence, it will help its customers find a data center that is close to him/her so that the website would show great performance.

Advanced Caching

Cloudways uses an advanced caching mechanism to help make the websites they are hosting increase performance. Cloudways uses an in-house caching plug-in called breeze to optimize the Cloudways servers. The plug-in can be easily set up, enabled, and disabled as per your demand.

Staging and Cloning

Staging is an area on which you can test the extras that you want to incorporate in your website. You can test the changes you want to make on your website in the staging area and if you are happy with those changes then you can allow those changes on your actual website as well. Cloning is similar to staging where you make different clones of your website, and use the clone that is suited with your requirements. 

Managed hosting

As I have already mentioned, Cloudways making the use of cloud service providers, such as Digital Ocean, AWS, etc. The users or customers could simply log in to these services, however, using Cloudways decreases the overhead of managing, setting up these servers and services for you. 

Free trial period

Cloudways offers its customers with a free trial for a few days so that the customers can test the features it offers. Providing a free trial is helpful for the customers to figure out if they benefit from the services it provides or not and if the services are not beneficial for their online business, then you can search or other alternatives, such as SiteGround and check out their features, also in inspiringworm. 


Cloudways offers daily backups to its customers, that backs up the website on a daily basis. You can go back to the previous versions of websites through the automatic backup that is done but Cloudways for you. However, you are also given the option to change the backup settings using the console.


CloudBot is a Bot that is provided by the Cloudways that send you a notification about the new updates, server status, and backups. Having a CloudBot in your online business that lets you know about all these amazing new features that you are missing out is an amazing added advantage. 

Pay as you go

The most loved feature of Cloudways is that the customers can pay only for the services they demand and as per their requirements. This makes the small and medium-sized organization to afford a Cloudways web hosting service at a very reasonable price.


Hosting your website using Cloudways is secure as it offers various security features like dedicated firewalls, free SSL installation, IP whitelisting, regular security patching, and two-factor authentication. All these security features are added to run your online business securely. 

Free Migration

Migration refers to the switching of a web hosting company from one to another. When you have to switch or migrate your website from any other web hosting company to Cloudways then it is done easily with few clicks and free of cost. Most of the web hosting companies charge you few to a large amount of money for site migration, whereas, Cloudways is offering the same service for free.

Cloudways Hosting plans

Cloudways offers different plans to its customers on the basis of the Cloud service provider you subscribe to. Different plans or cloud service provider Cloudways offer with different price plans are as follows:


It is an America based cloud service provider that helps the developer to use the services from the cloud to actually deploy and run any application. Cloudways works with DigitalOcean to offer cloud-based web hosting services to its customers. Digital Ocean provides four different hosting plans at different price rates, that is, $10, $22, $42, and $80 per month respectively.


Linode is also an American privately owned company that provides Virtual Private Servers to its customers through the cloud. Linode offers various plans to the Cloudways customers at varying price points, that is, $12, $24, $50, and $90 per month respectively.


Cloudways offers optimized and managed VULTR web hosting services to its customers. VULTR is a cloud service provider that is known for its high-performance and fast servers along with 100% KVM virtualization. VULTR offers four different plans on CLoudways with different price points, that is, $11, $23, $44, and $84 per month respectively.


AWS or Amazon Web Service is one of the most popular cloud web services that is offered by Amazon. It provides on-demand cloud services and APIs in real-time. AWS has also been working alongside Cloudways to provide even better services to its customers. AWS provides various plans with different price points, that is, $36.51, $56.77, $176.26, and $274.33 per month respectively.

Google Cloud

Google Cloud is a cloud service that is offered by Google. These services run on the same infrastructure as Google uses to run the end-user product, such as YouTube. Google cloud with Cloudways offers different plans to its customers with different/varying price points, that is, $33.30, $73.62, $138.64, and $226.05 per month respectively.

Final Verdict

Cloudways offers its customers with amazing cloud hosting platform with managed services. The main things that have made Cloudways popular are its cPanel, affordable price point, and the pay as you go model. The custom control panel makes it easier for anyone to handle the overall servers and your online business in just few clicks.

Although Cloudways does lack a few features like email integration and domain registration, but it does provide a lot of amazing features to host your online business. I would 100% recommend using Cloudways as your online business hosting platform for better performance and ease of use.

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