Things to Consider When Choosing a Web Hosting in 2021

things to consider when choosing web hosting

Are you planning to buy a new Web Hosting?

You should carefully choose the Web Hosting company because hosting can break your website. Here we are suggesting you the  things to be considered while choosing a Web Hositng.

So, I’m listing the best 5 things to check while selecting a web hosting company:


UPTIME is one of the important factor which you should check it manually before buying hosting.
Most of the hosting company claim that they will provide 99.9% Uptime but they won’t provide in reality. Because many of the hosting companies claim that they provide 99.99% Uptime.

You should take your time and do research about the Hosting Company.


Speed of the web hosting is also one of the important things you should research while seleting the best hosting.

With slow hosting, your website performance will be bad and the website will get the high bounce rate. Due to this the search Engine results will be deranked from the SERPs result.

How to check the Hosting Speed.

The hosting speed checkup is simple. You can check the website which are hosted on that respective hosting company.

This will help you to understand the website fastest loading time.

You can normally check the website speed with the various tools like: Google Speed Checker Tool, Gtmetrix, Pingdom and so on.


I am sure that you will need the support from your web hosting company. In future, any problems can occur in web hosting such as Backup Error, SSL Error, File Error, and many more.

In my blogging life, I had many bad experience with some hosting provider.
Many of the called popular hosting company also provides the WORST support to their customers.


As you are investing lots of money and time in creating the website, security is very important. If your website get hacked them all of your efforts will go in vain.

One of my friends website was hosted in one of the popular web hosting company. His website was hacked due to poor security of hosting company. Due to this he lost all of his rankings of Search Engine which decreases his income.

So, you should select the best company which provide a high level of security.

Avoid EIG

You should ignore the EIG hosting. EIG run a scam called Sitelock that charges a fortune to ‘protect you’ or clear imaginary viruses from your site. 

They found malware in an empty folder a client had!

Any basic questions are ignored for the sales push. They make hundreds of millions a year from it.

Web Hosting Recommendation

I personally suggest you to try these hosting.

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